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T. Ruiz from St. Louis, MO:
"I came to Chincoteague in July, over Pony Penning, and wanted to do some deep-sea fishing, which I had done before. I wasn't sure what to expect. The boat is beautiful, the weather was great and I had a Blast! Caught 2 large yellow fin tuna and several smaller Dolphin and Bonita. I am planning to do this again next year."
Carlyle Woodard from Princeton, NC:
"I had a really enjoyable time on our duck hunt in January of '98 and also on our fishing trip in August of '98.  ALL the people in my party had a great time.  We feel you did everything you could to give us an enjoyable outing on both occasions.
The Chincoteague area is a fine area for both hunting and fishing, and I feel if anyone can locate the game, you can.  We are looking forward to our duck hunt in Jan. of '99."
Mike Kashuba from New York:
"I just wanted to touch base with you soon after our hunt.  I had a great time.  It was very enjoyable despite adverse weather.  I was very impressed with both Josh's and your professionalism.  You run a first class operation.  Your boats are good.  Your blinds are very well placed and very comfortable.  Both your son's and your knowledge of you area is impressive.
As a SOMEWHAT experienced duck hunter, I do not offer praise casually.  You guys were great. 
I shall definately hunt with you again if you will have me.  Give Brandy a pat on the head for me.  She is a great pup."
R. Arches from Elkton, Maryland:
"My wife & I love to hunt and came to Chincoteague in January of 98, for a two-day hunt.  Kevin made us feel comfortable and went out of his way to see that we had a good time.  Unfortunately, the weather was picture perfect and not much was flying, but Kevin called in a few and moved us around to a couple of his blinds, which gave us opportunity to see the area and get off a few shots.  We have already returned to hunt, this December 1998 (we had a great day), and we will be returning in January of 1999.  If you love to hunt, this is the place to be.  Kevin really knows what he is doing."

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